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Interview with FEMME coming soon!

Interview with Elliphant coming soon!

Damon Campbell Interviews Problem & Bad Lucc

Prior to linking up with Jon Connor outside the venue, I sat down with Diamond Lane’s Problem and Bad Lucc at their hotel during the “354″ tour stop in Chicago.

Problem opens up about Sage the Gemini talking him off of molly, wiping out a rapper formerly known as Problem Child, and sex in the studio, while his labelmate and frequent collaborator Bad Lucc talks about his sister writing his first raps, receiving a shout out from Ice Cube (which gives him a chill all over again), and being snuck into several business meetings with music executives early in his career.

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Damon Campbell Interviews Jon Connor (2014)

I linked back up with Jon Connor moments before he hit the stage at Subterranean in Chicago for our first interview since 2011, this time discussing a detention he received for rapping “Forgot About Dre” (ironically enough), a rare encounter with R. Kelly early on in his career, and a whole lot more!

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Go behind the scenes of the Problem/Bad Lucc interview, and hear me answer a few questions thanks to!

Second interview with Jon Connor coming soon!

Interview with Problem and Bad Lucc coming soon!

Damon Campbell Interviews Dej Loaf

I caught up with Dej Loaf at Collective Studios in Detroit to discuss the significance of her noodle references in “Try Me,” growing up in the projects, and more.

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Interview with Dej Loaf coming soon!