“Boston’s Boy” Sam Adams Interview With MuziksMyLife.com In Ann Arbor, Mi (Part 1 & 2) [Video]

Sam Adams, who is most recognized for the YouTube sensation “I Hate College” has been affiliated with my site for intense promotion since back in March following a few simple text messages!! Since then, he has released a #1 album outselling Lil Wayne on iTunes, premiered 2 music videos on MTV, racked up over 160,000 Facebook Fans, and toured the country!

This past Wednesday, Sammy and his management returned the favor by placing my name on the guest list for his concert in Ann Arbor and even setting aside time for an interview on the tour bus prior to the show which ended up lasting 20 minutes! They allowed me exclusive access near the stage for filming Sam’s performance, too!! Sam and his entire crew were extremely chill, down to earth dudes and I couldnt’ve asked for better treatment!! I’m grateful for the opportunity and wish Sam and his label the best!

The interview was filmed by Casey Arndt and the final edit of the video was sculpted by @CoryJamo!!! Hopefully you enjoy what you see and watch both videos, because things get pretty interesting toward the end!!! Sammy’s new mixtape, Party Records drops this Thursday, September 23rd and you can check out two leaks here & here!!

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