J. Cole Talks Debut Album

Now that J. Cole has fed fans with his Friday Night Lights mixtape, the Roc Nation MC has pointed his focus back on the release of his forthcoming debut album. Rap-Up recently caught up with Jermaine for details, and although he was rather mum as to specifics, he did have a few things to say:

The album could be done. If I needed to put it out next week, I would be able to. My expectations were already super high and I think the fans’ were too, but now that the mixtape is out and the response is what it is, I kinda want to go back in and do a few more songs that are that much better, just to boost the level of the album.”

“I think we’re looking at a March release date or something around there with the single coming in a couple weeks. As of right now, it has a feature, I think it’s what a lot people been waiting on.”

“I never announced that (Cole World) as the name of the album, but it’s a sick title. I did think about that as a possibility, but as of right now, that’s not the title. When I get a release date that I’m confident about, then I’ll put out the title of the album.

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