Kanye West Ft. Pusha T, CyHi Da Prynce, Big Sean, & J. Cole – Looking For Trouble

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West Ft. Pusha T, CyHi Da
Prynce, Big Sean, & J. Cole – Looking For Trouble

Looking for trouble? Well, look no further! Although Mr. West was late delivering this week’s giveaway, he had a G.O.O.D. reason for the delay. While Kanye was on Ustream with his three compadres Thursday, he was asked about collaborating with J. Cole in the future. Jermaine was on Ustream the following night and while listening to “Don’t Look Down”, big upped Big Sean. Fast forward to now, and each of them appear on the latest G.O.O.D. Friday track together. Merely a coincidence? Or does Yeezy really have all that POWER? One thing’s for certain–you will find yourself rewinding J. Cole’s verse more times than your favorite VHS tape! Word to the wise: Don’t go barking up the wrong tree . . .

Went from quarter to broke, to half past rich/ With my bad ass bitch/ And you don’t want no problems on some math class shit/ So check the young genious out/ Fuck the world, bust a nut and let my seamen sprout/ I thought that real shit is what you been fiendin’ bout?/ What you been prayin’ for, what you been screamin’ bout/ Ironic, you been sleepin’ on the one that you been dreamin’ bout. – J. Cole

Sidebar: I strongly encourage those of you in my area to come see J. Cole perform live at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI this Monday, November 8th! This is an incredible opportunity, to say the least! Purchase tickets here or at the door and RSVP on Facebook! See you there!

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