Slim Thug Ft. Lil Wayne – Fuck You

DOWNLOAD: Slim Thug Ft. Lil Wayne – Fuck You

This unfriendly gesture was recorded prior to Lil Wayne’s sentence and was also intended for Slim Thug’s upcoming release, Tha Thug Show, but failed to make the final cut due to clearance issues. In a recent interview with XXL, Slim Thug addressed the situation by saying the following:

Early versions of your new album’s track listing had Lil Wayne as a guest but he didn’t make the final cut? What led to that?
That was tragic. We couldn’t get his stuff cleared in time. It’s our fault since I talked to his people on a Saturday and we had to turn the album in that Monday. It’s not to say we couldn’t get it cleared, we just ain’t know for sure we could. I still haven’t received no money off my last album ‘cause I’m still going through lawsuits. So instead of not knowing for sure we could get it cleared I decided to take him off there ‘cause I don’t want to get sued by Universal. I’m sure if it was on Cash Money they would have cleared it but I rather just play it safe. We did it right before he went to jail. I will leak it so the people will hear it.

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