Wiz Khalifa Explains T.I. Beat Mix-Up

His expression says it all . . .

The mystery has been solved! To the joy of countless Taylors, a Wiz Khalifa record titled “Real Estate” recently leaked and seemed worthy of landing on his forthcoming album. Days later, the same T-Minus-produced beat surfaced on the Drake-assisted “Poppin Bottles”, which appears on T.I.’s No Mercy album, hitting stores tomorrow! This of course left many fans wondering the origins of the mix-up. XXL recently caught up with Wiz Khalifa and he was able to clear up the confusion:

So they gave him the same beat as they gave me and I guess he recorded over it and I recorded over it as well. But my version wasn’t secured for me, so when it leaked it was just my version that I recorded.”

“I didn’t leak it, I don’t know who leaked the record,” he said. “That was completely non-intentional. It wasn’t to put the record out because I knew T.I. recorded over it. But there are plenty of beats that I get from other producers and I hear it on other artists’ albums who aren’t even on the same label as me. This is all new to me being in the industry and getting beats. That’s why I get shit from my home town people any way. It’s just stuff that I know was for me.”

“I hope T.I. and his people don’t feel like we did nothin’ and leaked that or nothin’ liked that,” he said. “It was nobody’s fault. He’s been in the game for years, so everybody knows how beats go around— even with hooks in ‘em and shit. I write and do all my shit myself, that’s why my shit be completely different even if we use the same beat. I’m just mad that it leaked out like that.”

When asked if the song was supposed to be for his upcoming major label debut, the XXL Freshman said no. “It was just something that I had recorded,” he shared. “I just record a lot of shit. Any thing that I’ve leaked so far has just been shit that I’ve just recorded so that’s a good thing.

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