Muzik’s My Life Interview: Chevy Woods

This past Tuesday, Wiz Khalifa rolled out his Green Carpet Tour with Mac Miller at the intimate Majestic Theater in Detroit for students of Wayne State University. Earlier that evening, I had the pleasure of interviewing Taylor Gang’s own, Chevy Woods—at their hotel, keep in mind. “This is Damon,” announced Wiz Khalifa’s tour manager, Will as he introduced Chevy and I. However, this wasn’t our first time meeting—or even shaking hands, for that matter. Upon his return from a brief exit of the room, Chevy acknowledged he remembered me from my interview with Wiz Khalifa this past January—also in Detroit—claiming he knew I looked familiar. A laugh was shared among the four of us—Will; Chevy; my camera man, Drew; and myself—and then we sat down for the interview. There was an immediate sense of comfort felt throughout the room. As our conversation progressed, this comfort ultimately grew to a feeling of serenity.

Our interview began with discussion concerning Chevy Woods’ experience gained as Wiz Khalifa’s hypeman, and how the role has prepared him for when he eventually performs a set of his own. While on the road—as they almost always are—Chevy provides Wiz with backup vocal support during performances. The Pittsburgh natives have been recording together for about eight years. Curious about ways they have been able to feed off one another, I asked Chevy the best advice and/or criticism the duo has shared. As you will find out, the two have clearly taken each other’s advice and headed for the hills.

Featured on all of Wiz Khalifa’s solo projects, Chevy made the biggest splash when he sprung up on one-third of Wiz’s latest mixtape, Cabin Fever. After recognizing the recent increase in Chevy’s notoriety first-hand among the people I hang out with, I asked if he, himself, has observed a significant addition to his fan base. Noticeably delighted by my remarks, he gave a shout out to my friends! Chevy revealed he hoped to keep the ball rolling with his own recently released mixtape, Red Cup Music, which was reviewed for your interest here. After pointing out the growth of his music since his previous mixtape, Pilot Shit, Chevy then detailed the musical developments he has experienced throughout the course of his entire career. Largely responsible for these advancements has been Chevy’s creative process, which he interestingly compared to that of Wiz.

In closing, the artist formerly known as Kev Tha Hustler revealed what influenced him to change his rap moniker to Chevy Woods—a decision that left many fans scratching their heads with confusion, but continues to pay dividends. Stay tuned as his career unfolds right here on Muzik’s My Life. And for a more intimate approach, join Chevy at the following outlets: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube |

Sidenote: Special thanks to Will Dzombak (@RealTaylorGang) and Stephen \ˈstē-vən\ Deems (@deems412) for helping this all come to fruition! Thanks to Chevy for the opportunity! Thanks to Drew Gensler for filming and Cory Jamieson (@CoryJamo) for editing!

Sidenote 2: As I previously mentioned, the show later that night was intended for Wayne State University students only. Thankfully, I was placed on the guest list and granted access to the photo pit. Continue below for some footage from the show . . .

Wiz Khalifa – “Phone Numbers” | “Cabin Fever” | “GangBang” |

Wiz Khalifa – “Taylor Gang” w/ Chevy Woods | “When I’m Gone” | “The Race” |

Mac Miller – “Get ‘Em Up” | “Good Evening” | “Nikes On My Feet” | “Ride Around” |

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