Muzik’s My Life Interview: SAYITAINTTONE

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” recalls Big Sean’s on-stage hype man and best friend since childhood, SAYITAINTTONE, who clearly looked into his crystal ball before calling a prosthetic limb-selling telemarketer and urging the Detroit resident to forgo cashing his $120 check so he could go rap for Kanye West at the local radio station and be signed to his G.O.O.D. Music label. Now an emerging rapper in his own right, the Finally Famous representer welcomed me into his hotel room last Thursday, July 14 in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a conversation which spans nearly 30-minutes!

[0:00] My Closet
– Showcases jewelry and other accessories from his closet.

[3:17] Finally Famous
– Learning from Big Sean.
– Tells story of calling Big Sean to rap for Kanye West. (Didn’t answer first 19 calls!)
– Tells stories of Big Sean rapping in high school.
– Performing with Kanye West at Finally Famous album release concert. (Jay-Z hiding from crowd.)

[11:27] Chevy Woods vs. SAYITAINTTONE
– Chevy Woods similarities.
– Chevy Woods Rolling Papers World Tour set.
– Relationships with Taylor Gang members.
– Collaborating with Chevy Woods. (Wiz Khalifa studio bus.)
– Songs from Chevy Woods’ upcoming mixtape The Cookout.
– Reveals he’s shooting more music videos from debut mixtape SAYITAINT.
– EXCLUSIVELY reveals title of new mixtape: SAYITAINT II: The Return Of The Don!
– Experience gained as Big Sean’s hype man.

[16:33] Taylor Gang vs. Finally Famous (MUST SEE!!!)
– Life on Rolling Papers World Tour.
– Competition between Taylor Gang and Finally Famous (basketball, Madden, etc.)
– Inside scoop on Wiz Khalifa MTV2 celebrity basketball tournament.

[20:30] Muzik’s My Life
– Love for music.
– Types of music and specific artists he listens to.
– NFL and NBA lockouts.
– Mac Miller (Donald Trump’s tweet, doing a song together, etc.)
– Taylor Gang and Finally Famous comradery.
– New school vs. old school.
– Artists who inspired him to rap.
– Lil Wayne’s “My Last” freestyle. (More Big Sean high school stories.)

Sidebar: Special thanks go to SAYITAINTTONE, Mike Brinks, and Zeno Jones for this incredible opportunity! Thanks to Cory Jamieson (@CoryJamo) for editing!

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