Muzik’s My Life Interview: Lecrae

With a following of more than 500,000 on Facebook and Twitter, and a No. 3 ranking on the iTunes albums chart, Grammy-nominated Christian rapper Lecrae has reached beyond the religious community and into the mainstream. On Friday (September 30), I caught up with the Reach Records recording artist and co-founder during his Rehab tour stop at the Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lecrae and I sat down to chat about the authenticity of his music in terms of hip-hop perspective, as well as Christian outlook; overcoming the misconceptions associated with his craft in order to encompass a mainstream audience; and even his thoughts regarding Odd Future. He went as far as to simulate a conversation between himself and the controversial collective’s frontman Tyler, The Creator.

“I think ultimately what I would ask somebody like Tyler, The Creator is, ‘What do you live for?’ And I’m sure he’d have a response—’I live for XYZ.’ And I would say, ‘Well, why?’ You know, and whatever his answer is, he may have a ‘why.’ And I’ll say, ‘Is that good?’ And, you know, hopefully he would say, ‘Yeah, it’s good.’ And I’ll say, “Well, what is good? And where do you get your standard of good? ‘Cause standards have to come from somewhere. And if there’s no standard of good or evil, then why live like your life is significant? Why pursue things? Why have dreams? Why have passions? It doesn’t matter, your life doesn’t mean anything because there’s no God, and there’s no standard, and there’s no purpose. So when you cry at the MTV Video Awards, or you’re excited for winning that, why? Because it’s significant to you. But it shouldn’t be, ’cause nothing matters. So you’re the source of your significance now, and the only things that matter, matter to you. So now you’re essentially God, and you’re significant. But if you don’t believe there’s a God, then there’s no such thing as significance because there’s no standard.’ And then he probably would be confused, and we’d have to have more conversations. [Laughs]“

Sidenote: Special thanks to all who made this possible! Thanks to Drew Gensler for filming and Cory Jamieson for editing.

Sidenote: For all intents and purposes, those of you in my area can see Odd Future perform live at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Detroit, Michigan on October 16! RSVP on Facebook and purchase tickets here!

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