Muzik’s My Life Interview: Mac Miller

“ Make sure you check that shit out for this interview. When you’re YouTubing Mac Miller interviews and this pops up and you watch it…and you’re like, ‘Awe man, that was a dope interview. Where should I go to check out other interviews like this?‘ Go to!” -Mac Miller

Mac Miller’s got the “Moves Like Jagger.” Following his sold-out show at The Fillmore Detroit on Saturday (which included a surprise-guest performance by Three 6 Mafia), the Pittsburgh native and I kicked it backstage for a 10-minute interview exactly one month before the release of his independent debut album Blue Slide Park (Nov. 8).

With his Most Dope crewmates gazing at us, I presented the “Donald Trump” rapper with Shel Silverstein’s Falling Up (“This is, like, one of the first books and authors that got me into anything creative.”), Larry Clark’s K.I.D.S. (“I saw this movie when I was probably in eighth grade and it fuckin’ changed my life.”), and the original inspiration for his album cover artwork (“Oh, wow! You are the only—you found this!”).

Sidenote: Special thanks to Rostrum Records for making this possible. Shout out to Q for hooking us up with tickets to the show and doing his job so well. Thanks to Jon Golm for filming and Cory Jamieson for editing. Thumbs up!

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