Chevy Woods Debuts New Song In Ann Arbor

Chevy Woods is showing off the fruits of his labor. While wrapping up his first solo tour at Ann Arbor’s Dream Nightclub on Sunday, the Taylor Gang general debuted a new track tentatively titled “Stuntin’,” presumably off his upcoming mixtape Gangland.

“I ain’t ever did this before,” said Chevy. “I just listened to it a lot, you know what I’m sayin’? And I know people gon’ love this shit.” He added, “I just did this shit.”

Sidenote: I caught back up with Chevy before the show for our second interview, which is to be released later this week! Also, the homie SayItAintTone came out to show his support, and ended up performing an impromptu set of his own. See more footage below.

Author: @MuziksMyLife

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