Damon Campbell Interviews Mod Sun

“This is the best fucking interview I’ve ever done,” proclaimed Mod Sun during our sit-down at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan. But rather than take him by surprise, it instead lived up to his expectations after he and his tourmates, Pat Brown and The Come Up, spent some of their downtime on the road indulging in previous interviews of mine—which, needless to say, I was astonished to hear.

“This is, like I told you previously, going to be the greatest interview that’s ever happened,” prophesied the drummer-turned Hippy-Hop pioneer at the start of our conversation. During which, he gave me an advance copy of his first book Did I Ever Wake Up?, as we went on to discuss a high school friend introducing him to The Secret—which he credits for changing his life—passing joints to the Wu-Tang Clan at his first hip-hop gig, and more. “You already know probably fuckin’ half the shit in there,” he joked, before kindly reemphasizing his satisfaction with our one-on-one.

“Yo, best interview I’ve ever done. Seriously, this is the mothafuckin’ man right here. You are supporting good people by watching this. And I’m gonna spread the hell out of this video, OK? This is the tell-all. Label it that: The Mod Sun Tell-All Interview.”

Shot by @A_CloudyVision

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