Damon Campbell Interviews Johnny Polygon

While backstage at the “Light Up the Night” tour stop at Louie’s Bar in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I sat down with Johnny Polygon for an in-depth interview about the man behind The Nothing, “Limosexsuperstar,” and collaborations with Nas (“Black President”) and Kid Cudi (“The Riot Song Remix”).

“Wow, dude, you’ve really done your research,” acknowledged the rapper-singer from Tulsa, Oklahoma, as we discussed sneaking into Retro Night at Cain’s Ballroom as a teen, making the transition from break dancing to battle rapping before being dropped off on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave. in Los Angeles to make a living selling CDs to pedestrians, and much, much more.

Sidenote: Download Johnny Polygon’s new album The Nothing here!

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