Birdman Compares Lil Wayne To Michael Jackson

In a recent interview with XXL, Birdman was thinking so high and mighty of Lil Wayne that he compared him to Michael Jackson. See what he had to say, below.

As successful as the label has been in Wayne’s absence, you gotta be very optimistic for when he comes home.

Can you image when Wayne comes out? He been gone, he ain’t get to see this shit, he only been hearing it. When Wayne comes home he lifts everybody’s spirits, he lifts everybody’s value, he lifts the brand, he lifts everything. Wayne is gonna be the biggest artist in music, not just in hip-hop; in music. It’s some Michael Jackson shit right here goin’ on right before our eyes.

That’s a wild comparison. What can we expect from C4? You know that’s the one everybody is waiting on.

He’s a beast; he went back to that raw rappin’. That nigga still be impressin’ me with his music. I say that to say that I be around him a lot so the shit he do and say shouldn’t be as impressive to me. I’m one of his biggest fans, I be geeked out on him. I watch him work, he’s just cold. It’s some magical shit to watch the young blood do what he do.

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