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Damon Campbell Interviews Kehlani

I sat down with Kehlani during G-Eazy’s “From the Bay to the Universe” tour stop at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Damon Campbell Interviews Lecrae (2014)

On the heels of his new album Anomaly debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, coupled with a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” I caught up with Lecrae during his 27-city tour stop at The Fillmore in Detroit for our second interview to date.

While our first meeting sparked a heated religious debate among viewers in 2011 due in large part to a “Christian rapper,” as he’s often mislabeled (albeit not entirely without merit), relinquishing his thoughts on Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future, who at least at the time were considered by many conservatives to be satanic or devil-worshiping, I decided to take a lighter, more nostalgic approach this time around, with discussion topics ranging from a chance encounter with Dikembe Mutombo as a youngster, being introduced to hip-hop at a halfway house his mother was working at, and previously stocking shelves for a living — which may or may not play a role in the Grammy Award-winner keeping his accolades tucked away in his closet rather than out on the mantel.


Damon Campbell Interviews Problem & Bad Lucc

Prior to linking up with Jon Connor outside the venue, I sat down with Diamond Lane’s Problem and Bad Lucc at their hotel during the “354″ tour stop in Chicago.

Problem opens up about Sage the Gemini talking him off of molly, wiping out a rapper formerly known as Problem Child, and sex in the studio, while his labelmate and frequent collaborator Bad Lucc talks about his sister writing his first raps, receiving a shout out from Ice Cube (which gives him a chill all over again), and being snuck into several business meetings with music executives early in his career.


Damon Campbell Interviews Jon Connor (2014)

I linked back up with Jon Connor moments before he hit the stage at Subterranean in Chicago for our first interview since 2011, this time discussing a detention he received for rapping “Forgot About Dre” (ironically enough), a rare encounter with R. Kelly early on in his career, and a whole lot more!


Damon Campbell Interviews Dej Loaf

I caught up with Dej Loaf at Collective Studios in Detroit to discuss the significance of her noodle references in “Try Me,” growing up in the projects, and more.


Damon Campbell Interviews Sage the Gemini

I sat down with Sage the Gemini during the Detroit stop of the “Under the Influence of Music” tour to discuss the “Gas Pedal” rapper’s car sickness, his encounter with a drunk Robin Thicke, being related to Bay Area legend Mac Dre, and more!


Damon Campbell Interviews IAMSU!

I sat down with IAMSU! during the Detroit stop of the “Under the Influence of Music” tour to discuss Bay Area delicacies, his dad’s limousine company, meeting Jay-Z and more!


Damon Campbell Interviews Ty Dolla $ign (2014)

I caught up with Ty Dolla $ign during the Detroit stop of this year’s “Under the Influence of Music” tour for our second interview to date — this time discussing his work with Rihanna on her upcoming album, meeting 2Pac as a child, and a whole lot more!


Damon Campbell Interviews Kevin Gates

Never a dull moment with Kevin Gates. I sat down with the XXL Freshman during his “By Any Means” tour stop at The Shelter in Detroit for what could be described as perhaps his most vulnerable interview to date (“I’ma talk about things in this interview I never talk with any other interviewer about.”), as the Louisiana native chose to open up about the triggers of his depression, being ridiculed by his peers growing up, as well as his overall mindstate and perspectives on life.


Damon Campbell Interviews Machine Gun Kelly

In what could be considered his most personal interview to date, I sit down with Machine Gun Kelly before his show at The Fillmore Detroit to discuss his troubled past (“I usually don’t talk about that shit.”), some of his earliest encounters with rap, the impact he’s had on his cult-like fan base (a term I don’t use loosely), and a whole lot more! Get to know the more inspirational side of hip-hop’s “Wild Boy.”