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Go behind the scenes of the Problem/Bad Lucc interview, and hear me answer a few questions thanks to!

Do What You Desire Interviews Damon Campbell

Really opened up about a lot in my interview with Read the Q&A in its entirety below!


HipHopHundred Interviews Damon Campbell

Spoke to about my encounter with Drake, first CDs, and more! Read the full interview below.


Haleema Khan Interviews Damon Campbell

Here’s a new Q&A I did with Haleema Khan for her website LVLPLATINUM. We talk about stories behind certain interviews, where I see myself in journalism, and more!


Damon Campbell Interviewed on INDI 101’s Jammin Wit Jay

For those who missed it live, here’s my interview on INDI 101’s Jammin Wit Jay. We talk about comparisons, people I look up to, getting recognized at shows, reaching out to artists, Yeezus vs. Born Sinner, and more! Thanks to Tia and Jay for having me on the show!

A Creation Interview: Damon Campbell

New Q&A I did with UK-based website A Creation. We talk about my backstory, how I landed certain interviews, and more!

SD: I love how music is your life. Did you ever want to make music, or did you watch music interviews and aspire to that career straight away?
DC: Thank you. I’ve always been interested in seeing quote unquote “celebrities” for the human beings that they are and learning about their life stories, so I grew up reading a lot of biography books about my favorite athletes and musicians and watching documentaries like VH1’s “Behind the Music,” even some of Sway’s interviews on MTV. But it definitely took a while for me to see interviewing, or even journalism as a whole, as a viable career choice for myself.


Hot off the Press: Damon Campbell

New “Hot off the Press” feature I did with Kennedy Blue Communications. We talk about my past experiences, interview techniques, and more!

1. How did you get started in music journalism?

When I was in high school, I’d spend every night on the computer downloading new music and keeping up with all my favorite hip-hop blogs, and I started to notice more and more of my friends asking me to update their iPods for them as a result. Eventually, I was becoming so invested as a fan of the culture that I decided to make my own site as a way to help other kids like me, and I called it MuziksMyLife.

Soon thereafter, my brother brought me to Kanye West’s “Glow in the Dark” concert in Detroit for my 17th birthday, which I can honestly say changed my life forever. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to make a full-blown career out of my passion for music, and it’s been a snowball effect ever since.


FAYD Apparel Feature/Interview: Damon Campbell

Had the pleasure of answering a few questions for FAYD Apparel. Check out the Q&A below…

Believing in yourself wholeheartedly truly is the key to successfully following your dreams. Nothing good ever comes from allowing doubt to cloud your judgment. Others have criticized certain decisions of mine, but I took that negativity and used it as extra motivation, and I would strongly encourage anyone else in that position to do the same. Obviously you’d be somewhat foolish not to at least take the opinions of those you respect into consideration, but at the end of the day nobody knows you as well as you know yourself. Only you truly understand your strengths and your weaknesses, your desires, emotions you’ve felt and things you’ve gone through in life that lead you to the point you’re at today. Nobody in this world has taken as many steps in your shoes as you have, so you’re the only one who could possibly be capable of making the absolute best decisions for yourself. And when it’s all said and done and you leave this earth, nobody else comes with you. So it’s your gift and your gift only to spend the limited time you have as you wish before the hourglass runs out of sand. If you reach a point where you’re able to shield your dreams from negativity and outside influence, and maintain that tunnel vision without second-guessing yourself, nothing can stop you from turning your dreams into reality.


Damon Campbell Interviewed on Mafia Live Radio

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by San Lawrence during his Mafia Live radio show. Listen as we discuss my style of interviewing, whether or not I’ve ever been intimidated by any artists, and much more.

Damon Campbell Interviewed on UMFM 101.5

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by Roger Kimbeni for his show on Winnipeg’s UMFM 101.5. Listen as we discuss my transition from blogging to interviewing, whether or not I’ve been starstruck, and what lies ahead.