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Interview with Machine Gun Kelly coming soon!

Damon Campbell Interview Reel

Just finished putting together my first interview reel, highlighting/celebrating these past four years while ushering in the next 40. Thanks for all the support thus far!

Interview with Raz Simone coming soon!

Interview with Rittz coming soon!

Interview with Waka Flocka coming soon!

Interview with Bizzy Crook coming soon!

King Los

6-paragraph article about the Snow Tha Product interview on HipHopDX!

I was actually approved for an interview with Snow Tha Product last spring, but for several reasons wasn’t able to put together what I hoped would be a quality interview, so I decided to hold off on it until the time was right. I felt like the boy who cried wolf since I was the one who reached out in the first place, but chose to cut everyone’s losses before it was too late. Still though, for a whole year I wondered if I had made the right call or just blown an opportunity. And then this happened…