Interview with Huey Mack coming soon!

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Interview with OCD: Moosh and Twist coming soon!

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Damon Campbell Interviewed on UMFM 101.5

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by Roger Kimbeni for his show on Winnipeg’s UMFM 101.5. Listen as we discuss my transition from blogging to interviewing, whether or not I’ve been starstruck, and what lies ahead.

Damon Campbell Interviews Riff Raff

Riff Raff had a lot to get off his chest during our exclusive backstage interview at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan last week. Posted up at an obtuse angle, which he says means to “get comfortable,” the outlandish rapper opened up for the first time on camera about his rumored collaboration with Drake, went on a heated rant in response to those skeptical of his influence on James Franco’s character in the upcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers, and gave an inspirational speech about standing out from the crowd in order to become a megastar.

Shot by Aaron Klisman

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Interview with G-Eazy coming soon!

Interview with Riff Raff coming soon!

Damon Campbell Interviews The Young Rapscallions

When their “Over the Hills” tour made a stop at the Montrose Room in Chicago, I sat down for an exclusive backstage interview with The Young Rapscallions, an LA-based garage rock band comprised of Chris Mintz-Plasse (drums), Jonathan Sanders (vocals), Nick Chamian (guitar), and Taylor Messersmith (bass).

“Music is your life,” joked Chris—known best for his work in the comedies Superbad and Role Models—as I questioned he and his bandmates about their old White Stripes cover band The Rude Mackenzies (“Wow, I totally forgot about that.”), John attending middle school with Joey from Midnight Red (“Dude, how you know that is amazing…and beautiful.”), and a time when Chris’ dog gave him a concussion (“This is like starting to get borderline creepy [Laughs], it’s amazing!”).

Shot by Aaron Klisman.

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Damon Campbell Interviewed By Ronnie Roscoe

Had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ronnie Roscoe during his T3 Radio show last night. Listen as we discuss my early beginnings, musical interests, and favorite interviews thus far.

Sneak Peek: Damon Campbell Meets J.R. Donato

Here’s a preview of my chat with Taylor Gang affiliate J.R. Donato. Full interview coming soon!

Shot and edited by @AaronKlisman

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Chevy Woods killing it in Lansing, Michigan last night.