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Interview with Honey Cocaine coming soon!

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Interview with Dee-1 coming soon!

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Interview with Radical Something coming soon!

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Damon Campbell Interviews Smoke DZA

Smoke DZA didn’t become the Kushed God overnight. In fact, his first time smoking weed was at Harlem’s Grant Houses with his childhood friend James, which he attested to during our interview at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“It’s impressive you even knew [that],” acknowledged the “4 Loko” rapper, as we went on to discuss bumping into Ma$e at their local Footlocker when he was younger, the first cassette tape he ever purchased, and other, as he put it, “interesting fun facts.”

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Damon Campbell Interviews Tuki Carter

After conducting previously arranged interviews with Taylor Gang members Lola Monroe and Berner, as well as Rostrum Records’ latest signee Boaz, I was offered some unexpected camera time with Taylor Gang’s “raptoo artist” Tuki Carter while backstage at the “Under the Influence of Music” tour finale in Detroit.

Although I hadn’t necessarily prepared for it, I certainly wasn’t gonna let an opportunity like this slip by. So I took a moment to jot down some arbitrary topics of discussion, and pretty much winged it from there. Watch and see how it turned out!

Sidenote: Download Tuki Carter’s debut mixtape Atlantafornication at 3pm on!

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