Bumped into Boldy James at Burn Rubber…

Finally Famous x Concreatures

SayItAintTone and Boldy James going over their “Word of Mouf” remix before the “Hall of Fame” show!

Damon Campbell Interviews Boldy James

“You’ve been doing your homework! Yup, you got it all figured out,” acknowledges Boldy James, as we sit down following his pre-show meet and greet at Motivation in Ann Arbor, Michigan for what could easily be considered his most personal interview to date.

During our candid conversation, the gritty Detroit rapper and I delve into his troubled past and discuss—in great detail—tragedies he’s encountered, his musical roots, run-ins with the law, and more. “Man, he sounds like a fed!” says Boldy, briefly shifting his attention to the audience. “He knows my life!” he adds. And now, you will too.

Shot by @aaronklisman


Another shot from the Boldy James interview, dropping soon!

Interviewing Boldy James at Motivation Boutique

Look out for my interview w/ Boldy James!

Interview w/ Boldy James coming soon!

Boldy James celebrating our interview (…lol)