Damon Campbell Interviews OCD: Moosh & Twist

While backstage at the “Up to No Good” tour stop at The Loft in Lansing, Michigan, I sat down with OCD: Moosh & Twist for what they called “one of the illest interviews we ever did.”

During which, I asked the Philly rap duo about a range of topics, including their involvement in a 7th-grade Shakespeare play (“It’s pretty cool that you even know that”), an interesting fellow they met on a previous tour and dubbed Druggie Kid (“Damn, I don’t know how you know this”), and a time when Twist purchased a bootleg Pharrell mixtape from a stranger in the subway (“Forget Nardwuar yo, that’s crazy”).

Shot by Aaron Klisman

Sidenote: Download their new mixtape Back to the Basement!


Interview with OCD: Moosh and Twist coming soon!