Damon Campbell Interviews The Come Up

While backstage at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan, I sat down for an exclusive interview with Pittsburgh rap duo The Come Up, comprised of Franchise and Vinny Radio. “Damn, I’m about to find out everything about you motherfuckers!” said Mod Sun of his tourmates, who seemed to share his enthusiasm.

“This is the best interview I ever had,” acknowledged Fran, as I questioned the Most Dope members about Willy Whips making them pay for their East End Empire t-shirts back in the day, Vinny’s childhood crush on Adrienne Bailon from 3LW, and a mythical clown said to be roaming the train tracks in their hometown of Braddock. “That’s crazy you know about that,” said Vinny. “I thought that was strictly local.”

Shot by @A_CloudyVision


Damon Campbell Interviews Pat Brown

“That was my favorite interview I’ve ever done,” shared singer-songwriter Pat Brown towards the end of our backstage conversation at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan.

“I swear to God, like, I’ve never had anyone interview me that’s researched that much; that’s so cool,” added the former Sing It Lound frontman—who also DJs for drummer-turned-rapper Mod Sun—as we discussed various pranks he pulled growing up, an ex-girlfriend notorious for wearing jeans without butt pockets, and his family’s musical background.

Shot by @A_CloudyVision

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Mod Sun Playing Piano Backstage

If you happened to watch my interviews with Honey Cocaine and DJ Carisma, you may have noticed a graffitied piano behind us. While backstage prior to his performance at The Crofoot in Pontiac, Michigan, Mod Sun decided to put this very same piano to use. Thankfully, along with singer-songwriter Pat Brown, who DJ’s for the drummer-turned-Hippy Hop pioneer, I was on hand to capture exclusive footage of this rare moment in music.

Album Cover: Pat Brown ‘In My Room’ EP

Cover art for singer-songwriter Pat Brown’s In My Room EP, available on iTunes January 5.

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New Video: Pat Brown ‘Who We Are’

Singer-songwriter Pat Brown does some soul searching in the video for “Who We Are,” the Cisco Adler-produced single from his “In My Room” EP, available on iTunes January 5.

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Interview with Pat Brown coming soon!