Damon Campbell Interviews The Young Rapscallions

When their “Over the Hills” tour made a stop at the Montrose Room in Chicago, I sat down for an exclusive backstage interview with The Young Rapscallions, an LA-based garage rock band comprised of Chris Mintz-Plasse (drums), Jonathan Sanders (vocals), Nick Chamian (guitar), and Taylor Messersmith (bass).

“Music is your life,” joked Chris—known best for his work in the comedies Superbad and Role Models—as I questioned he and his bandmates about their old White Stripes cover band The Rude Mackenzies (“Wow, I totally forgot about that.”), John attending middle school with Joey from Midnight Red (“Dude, how you know that is amazing…and beautiful.”), and a time when Chris’ dog gave him a concussion (“This is like starting to get borderline creepy [Laughs], it’s amazing!”).

Shot by Aaron Klisman.


Interview with Christopher Mintz-Plasse and The Young Rapscallions coming soon!